Empowering ‘Brands’ to become ‘Smart Brands’

Marketing in the age of Turbulence

Leveraging technology & laser sharp insights to boost your marketing return on investments

Are your efforts driving your brand for…

Repeat Business: Keep having customers come back

New Acquisitions: Have a continuous stream of new customers coming into the fold

Consumer Experience: Delighting the customers in a way that:

–       Spreads word of mouth like  fire in the jungle

–       Expands the consumer proposition beyond the product

Smart Brands keep winning in these 3 spaces, as regular brands keep losing here

GrowBrands is in the business of making ‘brands’ grow up to become ‘smart brands’

and once there, stay smart with consistent effort

GrowBrands has a set of professionals with over 5 decades of experience in managing consumer brands. GrowBrands evolves and operates Blue Ocean Strategy that creates a Win-Win experience for all participating brands

GrowBrands operates from a simple market insight:

While some Brands – operate sub optimally and not able to harness their true potential

There are Smart-Brands, looking at innovative solutions to generate:

–       Measurable incremental growth at marginal investments

–       Enhanced Consumer Experience

–       Consistency in Consumer Purchase Patterns (aka Loyal customer base)

–       Significant Increase in Profitability of the business